Bundle: pioneer pick, trekking folding saw, trekking axe (38cm) and storage bag

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Trekking bundle including storage bag Some tools are indispensable when you want to set up a... more

Trekking bundle including storage bag

Some tools are indispensable when you want to set up a proper camp while on holiday, off-roading or on expedition. For tough jobs like digging or wood work, you want high quality tools in your basic equipment. Our compact tool bundle in the practical roll-up bag features a Swiss military pickaxe as well as an all-purpose hatchet and a Japanese-style pruning saw, both by Bellota.

The military pickaxe with its forged pick and the flat head is ideal for quick digs around the camp: making a firepit, digging drains, removing rocks from the tent area and a lot of other jobs. The all-purpose hatchet by Spanish Manufacturer Bellota is made in the Biscayne trade axe style, a traditional and very ergonomic design. Making kindling or firewood, delimbing trees or removing underbrush from your camp – no problem for the Bellota. And when you need precision in your wood working tasks, you can always rely on the foldable Japanese pruning saw with its extremely sharp blade. It adds exactness and speed to all sorts of jobs around the camp site, e.g. cutting poles for shelter or tripods and so forth.

The Nylon roll-up bag for your tools features extra-strong seams and is as sturdy as it is easy to clean – providing neat and safe storage for your basic camp site kit. The tool roll features strong straps to tighten the bundle as well as carrying handles and fastening slings for safe and compact transport. And by the way: with an overall weight of only 2.5 kg approximately and packing dimensions of 58 x 15cm, this tool-set will fit anywhere.


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