Outdoor Shower Tube with spiral hose, different versions

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Outdoor Shower Tube with Spiral Hose The dust is settling, the light is fading. The hot Diesel... more

Outdoor Shower Tube with Spiral Hose

The dust is settling, the light is fading. The hot Diesel engine is happily ticking away as it’s cooling down and all the chores are done. The awning is up, seats and tables unfolded and even the roof tent is ready. That’s the moment when you realize how sweaty and sticky you are from a long day behind the wheel. A kingdom for a shower, in the middle of nowhere!

No worries, we’ve been on the case and this is what we‘ve come up with: A mounted shower unit for overlanders, campers and adventurers. Nakatanenga shower tubes are attached to the side of a CargoBear or any other roof rack. You fill it with the amount of water you need, pressurize the tank with air to guarantee consistent water flow and off you go. During the day, the tube’s black PE material provides free solar off-grid heating for the water, no energy input required, no CO2 emissions. Isn’t that just great at the end of a tough day?

The shower tubes come in three sizes – 1,240, 2,100 und 2,750 mm – respectively giving you volumes of 9.4, 17.5 and 23.7 l. We deliver the tubes with CargoBear mounting brackets, tap, handheld shower head and spiral hose pipe. You can attach your own accessories to the ½” connector, of course. The shower tubes is a really neat solution for all your muddy outdoor hobbies, too. How often have you wished you could just quickly hose down clothes, boots, sports equipment or pets before getting into the 4x4 or loading it up? We know.

Since the tubes are not equipped with safety valves, we recommend using regular bicycle hand or foot pumps to pressurize them. Manually created pressure will be perfectly sufficient to create a constant flow of water.

Brackets for other roof racks than the CargoBear have to be ordered separately.

Available in:
3 different lengths
Without holder, with holder for roof rack CargoBear, with holder for other roof racks
For the variants with holders: short includes two holders, medium and long includes three holders

Please note:
The tube should not be filled to the brim.
We recommend a maximum pressure of 2 bar / 29 psi
The tube cannot be attached to a slanted CargoBear extension

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