Spare wheel air pressure regulator bag

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↪️️ Spare wheel air pressure regulator ✔️ Use spare wheel as compressed air reservoir ✔️ Includes storage bag ✔️ ✔️ Best quality ✔️ Fast shipping
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Spare wheel air pressure regulator with matching bag Function stacking is when you try to... more

Spare wheel air pressure regulator with matching bag

Function stacking is when you try to get by with fewer objects because you assign several functions to them. This is particularly important when you have to take space and weight into account when travelling or on expeditions. A spare wheel, for example, is usually just a spare wheel, but with our spare wheel air pressure regulator, the fifth wheel on the vehicle can also become a practical compressed air reservoir.

If you inflate your spare tyre to the permitted maximum, you usually have enough pressure available to adjust the inflation of the tyres mounted on the axle or on the mountain bike or to operate compressed air devices such as our Showertube, for example.

As the name suggests, our spare tyre pressure regulator basically functions simply as an adjustable equalising valve.
The desired pressure is simply preset on the integrated regulator and the two hoses are attached to the "pressure receiver" and then to the spare wheel (compressed air reservoir). The pressure is then exchanged automatically.

The spare wheel pump also has brackets for permanent installation and a robust and easy-to-clean nylon PU-coated bag for storage in the car.



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