Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

A list of all offered payment methods can be found at the Payment page.

Minimum order value?

Yes, we have decided to introduce a minimum order value for all orders - it is EUR 10.00.

Why a minimum order value, if you already pay shipping costs anyway?

Our shipping costs are calculated in such a way that they only cover the pure transport costs and a part of the packaging, but not all other costs associated with the complete processing of an order. The high logistical and administrative costs (packaging, scheduling, accounting, invoicing, etc.) that we had with various "small orders" forced us to take countermeasures here. Three alternatives presented themselves: We could have raised all shipping costs, we could have passed on the higher costs of the small orders to all articles or we could have introduced a minimum order value. Since we would have found it unfair if all customers had to subsidize the higher cost of small orders, we decided on the minimum order amount - from our point of view the fairest option, since it does not unnecessarily increase the cost of our customers' regular orders.

We always strive to offer our customers a good and extensive range of products at reasonable prices, with high-quality service and comprehensive, sound advice. However, this also requires us to keep the costs of general administration and order processing as low as possible. This benefits not only us, but also our customers in particular.

How long does delivery take?

The time that it takes from finalising your order and actual delivery depends on a number of things. For one there is your chosen payment method (while we can proceed with your order immediately when you pay with Paypal, credit card, immediate bank transfer or cash on delivery, we have to wait for your money to clear with advance payment), then it depends on availablilty of items and finally on the parcel service. Our extensive warehouse allows us to have very many articles in stock. Most orders can thus be packaged immediately after the order has been placed. In some rare cases short delays are possvible, especially if import articles that are in high demand are ordered. We have chosen GLS as our parcel service as they usually deliver 95 per cent of all parcels at competitive rates on the next working day within Germany.

Please also note what we say about payment & delivery.

Can I pick up my items?

You live nearby or are passing by and want to collect your purchase? No problem! You save delivery charges and can immediately take your purchased items. Please call prior to pickup or write us a message so that we can confirm we have your items in stock.

What does "MY" mean?

You often find the two letters MY (manufacture year) followed by two or four digits in our product descripions. This indicates for which year of manufacture for a given vehicle the item is suitable. Thus "Land Rover Defender up to MY02" means that this product can be fitted to all Defenders produced up to and including the year 2002.
If you are in doubt if a certain part will fit your vehicle please contact us via E-Mail or give us a call.

Where and how can I order a full product catalogue?

We are sorry that we don't offer printed product catalogues. The production costs and the continuous updates required would be too high. Instead we are focusing on our online catalogue and shop which we strive hard to keep up to date. The savings are passed on to you with competitive prices!
As we always expand our product range, a printed catalogue would be outdated very quickly. The online shop on the other hand allows us to included all additions to our product range instantly or to drop something that we don't offer anymore. If you nevertheless desire a complete list of our product range, please write us an E-Mail and we will send you an Excel price list (without any illustrations).

I'm interested in add-on parts but don't want to fit them myself?

Most of our add-on parts can easily be fitted or come with deteiled fitting instructions. If there still should be open questions when fitting, we are there to help on the phone or via E-Mail.
For some more complicated items, such as additional fuel tanks or suspension kits some knowledge is important to guarantee a proper and trouble-free service. Here we offer to do the fitting for you. Our experienced team of professional mechanics has the right tools and proper knowledge to allow for quick, and therefore cost-efficient fitting.

I need a quotation for a conversion, fitting or certain parts?

If you need a quotation for different items and maybe also want us to fit them, please write us an E-Mail or phone us. Likewise if you are looking for a certain item which you can't find in our shop. We will provide an individual quotation in best time or can advise you on your desired configuration. Our long experience and extensive knowledge of the market allow us to find what suits you best. Most of the time we are able to supply items not listed in the shop or can suggest you alternative parts.

I'm planning an off-road trip abroad and am not sure what I need?

Our long experience as independend event organisers for safaris and dedicated off-road enthusiasts allow us to tell you the right equipment for your travels. Likewise we can tell you what you don't need and which spare parts you should rather take.

I'd like to have parts fitted - how do I get an appointement?

It's best if you call us by phone. Usually we are able to make a short-term appointment and we can often already tell you on the phone how long fitting is likely to take.

Is accomodation available nearbey?

If you have a longer journey we can suggest hotels or places to stay in the vicinity and are happy to organize room reservation for you. We are also happy to suggest activities and sights in the area, turning your workshop appointment into a short holiday in the Upper Palatinate.

I have further questions!

Sorry if we couldn't answer all of your questions here. We are happy to give you further help. Please contact us via E-Mail, the contact form on this webpage or via phone or fax. You can find contact details here.


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