Nakatanenga Folding Bowl, Single and with Tool Roll Wash

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↪️️ Nakatanenga Folding Bowl ✔️ 21.5 x 21.5 x 14 cm ✔️ optionally also as bundle with our ToolRoll Wash ✔️ different colours ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Versatile folding bowl from our tailor shop Few things are really indispensable when camping,... more

Versatile folding bowl from our tailor shop

Few things are really indispensable when camping, backpacking or during survival expeditions in the wilderness. A multipurpose receptacle is definitely one of them: for storage, washing or simply to keep things clean and away from dirt and dust. Our folding bowl made from 100% Nylon is just made for that. It is much lighter than solid plastic or aluminum bowls and requires much less storing space in your backpack or on your person. It simply folds up into a small roll and is neatly held together by a sturdy strap that is sewn onto the outside.

The interior PU-coating makes the folding bowl absolutely watertight and also allows for easy cleaning. D-rings, straps and loops attached to the sides can be used to hang the bowl from lines, hooks or branches to dry it out or to store food items away from ground dwelling insects.

Applications and uses for our folding bowl are virtually limitless – and that applies not only in the wilderness. It’s a great piece of equipment for travelling or everyday use: as a portable drinking bowl for your dog for instance. In a bundle with our ToolRoll Wash, the bowl makes a perfect, space-saving little outdoor washing sink made from 100% Nylon.

  • Folding bowl dimensions: L 21.5 x W 21.5 x H 14 cm
  • Dimensions Tool Roll Wash:Unrolled: L 44 cm x W 25 cm - Rolled up (depending on filling): W 25 cm x approx. H 14 cm

Available in the colors Coyote, Black, Gray-Coyote, M90, MTP and Camouflage.

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