Dynamo / solar flashlight

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️↪️ dynamo / solar flashlight ✔️ with hand crank✔️ sturdy housing ✔️ built-in rechargeable battery ✔️ fast shipping
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Practical dynamo / solar flashlight This little flashlight belongs in every emergency or... more

Practical dynamo / solar flashlight

This little flashlight belongs in every emergency or survival kit. Even when the in-built battery is completely flat, you can get it working in no time, because the power sources for this little helper are built into the lamp’s housing: a small solar panel on one side and a dynamo with a crank handle on the other. Simply recharge this torch by exposing the mini solar panel to sunlight or by exerting a tiny amount of physical labor i.e. cranking the handle. There is no need for any external sources of electricity, chargers or replacement batteries.

This combination of hassle-free recharging makes this torch ideal in all kinds of off-grid or emergency scenarios: for camping, when your car breaks down at night or in a black-out. Or simply when walking alone or with your dog at night.

The lamp‘s three economical LEDs can be powered for approximately 1 hour by only 6 minutes of cranking. If possible, you can also keep the torch in a place where it can regularly collect sunlight. In which case, you’ll probably hardly ever need to use the crank handle.

The black and olive housing is compact, robust and features an integrated carabiner hook to securely hang the torch from your belt, a backpack or in your tent. The ergonomic design ensures, that all functions can be quickly accessed, even in the dark.

This inexpensive flashlight comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

124×45×32 mm

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