Peltonen M95 Ranger Puukko, handle color selectable

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↪️️ Peltonen M95 ✔️ Ranger knife ✔️ 15cm blade of 80CrV2 carbon steel Teflon coated ✔️ including plastic sheath ✔️ from Finland ✔️ best quality
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Peltonen M95 Ranger Puukko Extreme conditions demand a lot from man and equipment, but they... more

Peltonen M95 Ranger Puukko

Extreme conditions demand a lot from man and equipment, but they also regularly produce something special. This certainly applies to Peltonen Knives from Finland. Their inventor Juha-Pekka Peltonen learned to appreciate US Army knives when he served as military observer in the heat of the Lebanon. Peltonen decided to combine their features with traditional Finnish knifemaking skills to create Ranger knives for colder latitudes and northern forests. Now, Peltonen all-purpose knives like the M95 are NATO-coded and are used by the military, special forces, hunters, outdoor and bushcraft enthusiasts far beyond Finland.

The all-purpose Peltonen Ranger knives are designed with a focus on safe handling, excellent ergonomics and top-grade materials. The blades are forged from scale-free carbon steel (80CrV2), which is particularly suitable for making robust knives used in tactical operations, hunting or survival. This steel is extremely resilient, even if you hack with the knife or work on very hard materials. A Teflon coating (PTFE) protects the blade from rust and prevents the accumulation of dirt or other organic matters. The knife is also certified for food safety, which may be of special importance to hunters or fishermen.

The ergonomic handles of the Ranger knives are made of abrasion-resistant, pleasant-to-touch TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). The material is insensitive to temperature and does not absorb any moisture - especially in northern latitudes, when your fingers are often cold and clammy, an absolute must-have for safe and precise handling.

The sheath, made of nearly indestructible, dirt- and water-repellent composite plastic, is equally suitable for the left- or right-handed and features an EasyLock mechanism that holds the M95 securely in the sheath, but still allows for quick drawing, even one-handed.

The M95 is 28 cm long overall and sports a 15 cm blade. With its textured grip, the M95 is an excellent all-purpose knife for tactical use, survival or hunting - true to the Peltonen motto: The only knife you’ll ever need!


Blade: 80CrV2 blade steel, length 15 cm
Handle: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Weight: 200 g
Length: 28 cm

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