Toilet bucket with 10 pcs DISPOSA-JOHN disposable bags

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Toilet bucket with 10 pcs DISPOSA-JOHN disposable bags Having to go to the toilet when you’re... more

Toilet bucket with 10 pcs DISPOSA-JOHN disposable bags

Having to go to the toilet when you’re on the road can be tricky. Sometimes there simply is nowhere to go and to head for the bushes for a number 1 or even 2 is certainly not everyone's preferred solution – especially if you’re female. And don’t forget, in many cases it’s also not advisable for hygienic, ecological or even legal reasons.

The toilet bucket "The Commode" from Brief Relief is a robust, stable and quite comfortable mobile toilet for camping, overland expeditions or mobile job sites. The bucket has a sturdy plastic stand, a very comfortable seat and a fixed lid. A Disposa-John toilet bag is attached under the seat. Enzymes lining the inside of the bag convert the excretions into a solid, odorless gel. Once tightly sealed, Disposa-Johns can be disposed of in regular household waste. Used bags can remain in the bucket until the next disposal opportunity.

An altogether clean and hygienic solution for all those situations when the next proper restroom is nowhere near. At home, you should also keep Brief Relief products in your emergency supplies, because after a long blackout for example water-flushed toilets will no longer work.

The bucket comes with 10 compatible Disposa-John bags from Brief Relief. Reorder your bags here. In addition, there are also the Brief Relief on-the-go urinals for backpack, handbag or glove compartment – when you have to pee but can’t access a restroom. Brief Relief's folding seat is a slightly less comfortable, but ultra-portable solution. If you’re looking for an altogether more sustainable toilet with a little less portability, perhaps, we also have our separating dry toilet "poop box".

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