Off-road shovel with pointed blade, 104cm length

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↪️️ with fibreglass handle, D-handle and hardened blade ✔️ 104cm length ✔️ now also available in a bundle with QuickFist holder ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Bellota shovel with short handle If it doesn't fit, we make it fit – no messing around. Our... more

Bellota shovel with short handle

If it doesn't fit, we make it fit – no messing around. Our versatile, high-quality shovel for off-road and outdoor use in its original state was too long for comfortable transport in the vehicle and that's why we simply shortened the shaft. The shovel now matches the US Army standard length of 1.04m (3ft 5in).
The spade shovel from top manufacturer Bellota has all the advantages of a Jeep shovel, i.e. a pointed blade with treads and a practical D-shaped grip. Thanks to the shortened shaft, it can easily be transported in or on your vehicle so that it is always ready to hand when digging in camp or off-road situations is required.
The pointed Bellota shovel blades, including the collar, are stamped from a single piece of steel and are heat-treated for extreme strength and a long service life. The steps on the blade are designed for heavy digging work thanks to their size and robustness. Moreover, the choice of materials and the ergonomic design enable easy and back-friendly work in both loose and hard ground. Especially the hollow fiberglass shaft is ergonomically ideal as it weighs less than a wooden one and is more flexible. The extra-wide, comfortable D-handle with soft-touch material makes work even easier. Overall, the 1.04 m long shovel weighs only approx. 2 kg.
If you are looking for a shovel that is compact enough to permanently stay in your car, you will find the 68 cm long Bellota Jeep shovel with a short wooden shaft here.

Here is the 68 cm long Bellota Jeep shovel with short wooden handle.

Hardened steel, fibreglass, polypropylene

Total length:

Shovel blade dimensions:
W23cm x H30cm


Please note:
The shovels are coated with a protective lacquer / transport lacquer.
Any flaws or unevenness in the protective coating cannot be recognised as grounds for complaint.

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