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Nakatanenga Tactical Messenger Bag "Modernity & Tradition"

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↪️ impresses not only with its classic english look ✔️ high-quality materials ✔️ made out of canvas and has brass buckles ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • 1,2 kg

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The new version of the popular Tactical messenger bag impresses not only with its classic... more

The new version of the popular Tactical messenger bag impresses not only with its classic English look, but also with its high-quality materials. The first glance already gives an idea of the inspiration behind the design: the original soft top of Land Rover vehicles!

The mix of traditional canvas and modern materials ensures durability and ease of use. The best of two worlds! The bag is complemented with classic elements such as brass buckles - even the loops of the bag are reminiscent of the attachment loops of the well-known Land Rover soft tops and give a nostalgic feeling. The messenger bag was made according to US military standards (MIL-SPEC) and our specifications.

You like to travel and to think practically? Your bag should representate this lifestyle! 

The tactical Messenger bag has various storage compartments, in which you can arrange and store your items while travelling. It has two front compartments and a side compartment for important papers and documents. One of the both front compartments has a suitable strap for a multifunctional knive, some pens or other lengthy items.

Our secret TIP for those who want to give the bag a modern vintage look:

  1. Wash the bag individually and closed at 60 °C with a little detergent
  2. To dry put the bag stuffed with newspaper in the sun
  3. Done is your unique vintage look!

Straps and fabric: 100% Canvas
Buckles: Brass

35x19x25 cm

Weight: 1,2 kg

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