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dog treat bag

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↪️ treat pouch with practical snap lock ✔️ can be easily attached to the belt ✔️ made of PU-coated nylon ✔️ extremely robust ✔️ fast shipping
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Treat bag - practical and clean At Nakatanenga we love our four-legged friends, be they 4x4s,... more

Treat bag - practical and clean

At Nakatanenga we love our four-legged friends, be they 4x4s, bears or dogs. The latter like nothing better than a treat now and then, obviously, especially when you’re out and about together. You can carry your dog treats in a small plastic bag or Tupperware box, of course, or you can put them in your jacket pockets. But that’s all quite awkward and pretty unappealing when you carry personal things with you as well.

If you’re looking for an extremely neat and tidy solution, go no further than our practical dog snack pouches in 5 snazzy Uni or Camo colors. Like all our Nakatanenga products from our own tailor shop, the pouches have been designed and developed by people who actually use these things themselves. As dog lovers with a lot of weekly mileage this is the pouch we always wanted to bring when walking the dog. They’re flatter, lighter, handier and easier to clean than anything else out there. So, we simply made the perfect pouch ourselves.

A sturdy loop attaches the dog treat pouches firmly to your belt and sewn-in metal bands securely close the top. Just push the edges together and the pouch opens easily and quickly whenever your dog deserves a treat. The small size and flat shape mean that the pouch is never in the way when you romp around with Doberman, Dalmatian or dachshund. And last but not least, the sturdy synthetic material is robust and easy to clean.

Available in Uni-colors Black, Coyote, Gray-Coyote and the camouflage patters Multi Terrain and M90 Swedish camouflage.

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