Interior LED light "Hunter" for Land Rover Defender

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↪️ two colors (white/red) ✔️ either warm-white or cool-white ✔️ to be fitted to Land Rover Defender interior roof trim ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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LED lights also offer advantages for interior lighting, like high light output, minimum power... more

LED lights also offer advantages for interior lighting, like high light output, minimum power consumption, maximum vibration resistance and life expectancy.

This is why we have asked a renowned automotive component supplier to produce an interior LED light for the Land Rover Defender for us. Our Nakatanenga LED Interior Light allows easy "plug & play" replacement of the standard interior light (front and back) of your Land Rover Defender.

Lamps are sold separately, if you want to replace both lights please order this item twice.

The cover and bulb of the existing light (AMR3155) are removed, the adaptor, LED circuit board and the new cover with switch are fitted - that's it, all tool-free and taking no more than 5 minutes!

All previous functions of the interior light (on/off/door on) are kept, additionally you can switch to red light, which increases visibility at night. The last colour setting is stored.

As some dislike the typical cold-white light of many LED lights, we can also supply a version with warm-white (slightly 'yellower') light output.

Unlike many other aftermarket lights, our LED interior light maintains the looks of the original. Can be used both for the front and rear interior roof light.

Technical details:

light colour (warm-white): 4.500 kelvin
light colour (cold-white): 6.500 kelvin
wavelength (red light): 625 nm
voltage: 12 V (not suitable for 24 volts vehicles!)
voltage range: 11-18 V
power drain (at 12.8 V): 0.15 A (white light)
power drain (at 12.8 V): 0.05 A (red light)

Fits for all Defenders from 1985 to 2016

The interior light can only be used in combination with the original Land Rover base. Please choose our universal bundle if you want to fit elsewhere or to a different make of vehicle.

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