Roof console for Suzuki Jimny 2, type GJ, 3-pcs.

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↪️ ️ suitable for Suzuki Jimny 2 GJ ✔️ 2mm aluminium, powder coated ✔️ 3 colour variations ✔️ for more order in the car ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Roof console for Suzuki Jimny 2, type GJ On our passionate mission to optimise the storage... more

Roof console for Suzuki Jimny 2, type GJ

On our passionate mission to optimise the storage space in the Suzuki Jimny II as best as possible, we set our sights on one of the last remaining spaces in the interior. Having covered the rear well with the CargoBear storage, cargo net, tailgate organiser, seat covers and modular window panels, we are left with a piece of empty headliner at the front between the driver and passenger that is crying out for a storage upgrade.

Our roof console made of 2 mm thick aluminum – with a length of approx. 73 cm and a width of 18 cm – is perfectly suited for strapping or screwing on flat and/or long equipment, MOLLE attachments and the like.

Mounting the console is very simple, whether a Cargo Net is already installed or not. In the first case, the console’s mounting plate is attached directly to the bar of the Cargo Net. If the roof trim is still unused, there are two plugged mounting points you can use. In the front, the interior light must be briefly removed to make two small holes in the trim for the screws. After nuts and bolts are inserted, the interior light can be reattached. 

The roof console for the Jimny 2 is available in black, coyote or gray to match the Cargo Net variations.

Attention! If you have installed a microphone (as shown below) in the vehicle, it is NOT possible to install the roof console!

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