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Trekfinder cover profile for airline rails

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↪️ cover profile for lashing rails ✔️ available in 23 mm / 30 mm width ✔️ made of flexible, black rubber ✔️ with grooved, non-slip surface ✔️ fast shipping
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One thing is certain: airline lashing rails would have to be invented if they didn’t exist... more

One thing is certain: airline lashing rails would have to be invented if they didn’t exist already. Few systems for securing cargo are simultaneously as flexible, robust and safe. If you ever had to tie down large, unwieldy or sensitive objects in your cargo hold or on the roof rack, you’ll know what we mean.

So how do you actually improve lashing rails? By clicking rubber covers by Trekfinder into unused tracks. A simple, fast and secure solution. The rubber strips add little height with 3.5 mm and prevent dirt and dust from clogging fully or partially unused rails. This is particularly important in cargo holds or on open trailers, because dirt clogged rails make it harder to attach fittings and studs. The same goes for winter weather when snow and ice can render exposed rails next to useless. The rubber strips feature a ribbed surface to improve load safety. Loads that are positioned on top of the rubbers won’t slip or slide as easily. On roof racks, wind noises are being reduced and if you have mounted airline rails sideways on the rack or the vehicle itself, the rubbers prevent vegetation from getting trapped when off-roading. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

The rubber covers can be ordered in widths of 23 mm or 30 mm

Available in: 1 m or 10 cm steps (free choice of length)

Please note:
Since there are so many different possible uses and we do not know your requirements, we need the information from you about the length and denomination of the profiles you need. Please enter this in the free field at the end of the ordering process.

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