CargoBear Storage rack for Suzuki Jimny 2 (GJ/HJ), BJ 2018

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↪️️ made of powder-coated aluminium ✔️ with airline recess ✔️ creates more storage space ✔️ load can be securely fastened ✔️ best quality
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CargoBear Storage rack for Suzuki Jimny 2 (GJ/HJ), MY 2018 A volume of up to 863 liters will... more

CargoBear Storage rack for Suzuki Jimny 2 (GJ/HJ), MY 2018

A volume of up to 863 liters will fit into the back of your Jimny GJ. Sounds like a lot for the size S hardcore off-roader. But wait: how much of it can you actually use? Only rarely will you load big items in one piece – let’s say a fridge for example – into the cargo space of the little 4x4 and that’s the problem. The Jimny is mostly a specialized working vehicle for farmers, forest workers and hunters. That means, there’s always lots of tools, fuels, lubricants, equipment, feed bags and dirty clothes that you don’t want to pile up on the small surface area of the cargo hold. Add animals – dead and alive – to the mix and you get the picture.

Once we’ve spotted this particular problem, we immediately set to work on it and are now offering a mini-version of our CargoBear system specifically for the back of the Jimny GJ/HJ. This rack effectively partitions the narrow but high cargo space and lets you load many more items much more effectively. Rough and dirty things below, tools, equipment, jerry cans, boxes etc. on top of the shelf.

As with our CargoBear roof racks, the cargo shelf is made from robust, powder-coated aluminum plates. Raised edges, non-slip perforation and a great number of lashing points guarantee 100% secure transport.

When you’re installing our Tiny Bear cargo rack you can use the pre-existing screw holes. There’s no need for drilling new ones. But you should keep the spare seats in the back down or remove them entirely. Who’s packing back-seat passengers into a Jimny anyway?

All fastening material is included.

Aluminum, powder-coated black

6,6 kg

Max. load:
up to 50 kg


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