Nakatanenga Air Vents - Suzuki Jimny 2 (GJ & HJ)

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↪️ Ventilation plate for Suzuki Jimny 2 (GJ & HJ) ✔️ material: aluminum ✔️ black powder-coated ✔️ with mosquito net ✔️ delivery in pairs ✔️ best quality
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Good air circulation like with slightly opened windows and still no higher risk of rainwater or... more

Good air circulation like with slightly opened windows and still no higher risk of rainwater or theft penetrating than with closed windows? And protection from various insects?

That is possible: with our ventilation panels with mosquito net. For a subtle appearance, the aluminum sheets, which are supplied in pairs, are powder-coated in black.

No clattering universal parts that "hold" somehow, but custom-made ventilation plates for the Suzuki Jimny 2.

Ideal not only for campers and dog owners, but also to avoid the build-up of heat when parking in the blazing sun. In addition, the super simple assembly: crank down the window, insert the ventilation plate, crank the window up, done!

Please note:
At high temperatures, a dog should not belong in a parked car, even with sufficient fresh air!
The ventilation plates must not be used while driving!

Material: aluminum
Suitable for: Suzuki Jimny 2 (GJ & HJ)


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