BIC Lighter Mini with Cover, Colour: khaki

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️ BIC Lighter Mini with Nakatanenga Cover ✔️ Material: Plastic ✔️ Colour: khaki ✔️ Fast shipping
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BIC Lighter Mini with Nakatanenga Cover A lighter should produce a flame quickly and reliably... more

BIC Lighter Mini with Nakatanenga Cover

A lighter should produce a flame quickly and reliably and under any circumstances, especially during outdoor activities. Gas lighters using a friction stone are your most reliable option, certainly when compared to those with a click mechanism, as these often jam or break. For many campers, backpackers or survival experts, the lighters of choice have long been the small and light MINI or SLIM editions from BIC. They are robust, ingeniously simple in design and always work - as long as there is some gas left in the tank.

Our plastic cover with the Nakatanenga logo protects against accidental emptying (or ignition) of the lighters in your trouser pocket or backpack. Simply place the BIC head first in the protective case and the gas button can no longer be pressed. In addition, the sturdy case also protects your BIC from water or dirt, so it's always ready to go when you need it.

Available in khaki including one BIC MINI or BIC SLIM.

Note: BIC lighters are delivered in different colours, randomly!  Colour not selectable!

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