Legal notes

Legal Notes

Notes about the law for the return of batteries

Used batteries must not be disposed of in household garbage. This is made clear by the following icon printed on batteries:

In addition we would like to point out that you are legally obligated as end user to return batteries to suitable recycling facilities. You can return batteries at the end of their service time to the seller free of charge.

If certain limits of metals are exceeded batteries must be marked accordingly (Hg = more than 0,0005 mass fraction, Cd = more than 0,002 mass fraction, Pb = more than 0,004 mass fraction) batteries must be marked accordingly. The following abbreviations are used:

„Cd"  stands for cadmium.
„Hg" stands for mercury.
„Pb" stands for lead.

Instruction according to § 8 paragraph 1 AltölV (waste oil disposal)

In conncetion with the sale of oils for combustion engines or gearboxes and differentials as well as oil filters we are legally obligated according to waste oil regulation (AltölV) to inform you about the regulations and duties.

We would like to point out that waste oil, used oil filters and other oleaginous waste in connectio with an oil service is hazardous waste which must be disposed of environmentally sound.

You can return waste oil in the same amount as new oil bought from us free of charge to our offices during office hours, or have it sent to us at your cost in a suitable hazardous material-safe container.

If oyu have further questions concerning disposal of waste oil we are happy to help you and tell you a disposal facility in your vicinity.

Legal information concering order processing

    • After clicking on your "shopping cart" you will see your shopping cart with the products you have chosen so far. You can now either remove the items from your cart or you can change the number of items (enter new number and then click on refresh).

    • After having checked the number of chosen articles and if you really want to buy them please click "proceed to checkout".

    • Now there are only three further steps to finalise your order:

      1. As a new customer please choose to "register as new customer". If you are a returning customer please state your E-mail address and your password and click on "login". You can also place an order without opening a customer account.

      2. In the next window please choose delivery and payment methods.

      3. In a last step you will be shown a summary of your order along with your chosen delivery and payment method. This is the last time to make changes if necessary (delivery, payment, items, delivery and invoice address). To make any changes please click on "edit" where appropriate. With clicking "order now" you will finalise and activate your order.

    • After having placed your order you will be sent an E-mail containing your order, our general terms and conditions, our returns policy, a model revocation form, our data protection policy, as well as our legal details. You can access order details at any later time by loggin into your customer account on our webshop if you have opened such an account.



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