Nakatanenga Zipper Puller

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↪️ high-quality zipper pullers ✔️ quick and easy to attach ✔️ excellent zipper support ✔️ improves grip ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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These zipper pullers are versatile, e.g. as a zipper extension for outdoor rucksacks, jackets,... more

These zipper pullers are versatile, e.g. as a zipper extension for outdoor rucksacks, jackets, sportswear, tents and as a key ring or just to make it easier to open the zipper (eg because of gloves). Due to the large choice of colors, you will find the right zipper helper for every taste or you can label different colored materials. Easy to install!

The goods will be sold in a set of 10. i.e. Quantity 1 = 10 pieces


10 zipper pullers according to color choice (black, army green, gray, khaki, yellow)

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