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MagCode PowerSystem and PowerSystem Pro plugs

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↪️Connector system 12/24V, magnetic (up to 15A) or additional mechanical (up to 25A) ✔️ Locking, water- and dust-proof ✔️ Best quality ✔️ Fast shipping
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Magnetic plug system for 12V, consisting of PowerPort connection and PowerClip plug - water- and... more

Magnetic plug system for 12V, consisting of PowerPort connection and PowerClip plug - water- and dust-proof - therefore ideal for off-roaders!

Magnets in both the PowerPort (current transmitter) and the PowerClip (receiver) contact the two components and also have a switch function. Therefore, the flat contacts of the PowerPort are only energised when the movable magnetic plate in the transmitter is switched by a suitable pick-up. Other metallic objects or magnets cannot trigger the switching process. Thus, a MagCode PowerSystem is 100% short-circuit-proof. A hinged PowerPort cover is available as an option. 

Here you can also find our advantage bundle, consisting of clip, port and cover.

Here you can also find the MagCode cover for your Power System or Power System Pro separately.

The MagCode system can be used for a wide range of applications where safe but easily detachable power connections are required - whether it's the cool box in the off-roader or the battery charger - but also headlights on the roof rack or the power supply in the roof tent can be solved in this elegant and contemporary way.

Technical data:

Locking: magnetic
PowerPower connection: 6.3mm flat contact for plugging or soldering
PowerClip connection: Screw connection, max. 2.5mm² cable
Mounting diameter PowerPort: 28mm (M28)
PowerClip projection: 21.5mm
Voltage range: 12 Volt or 24 Volt
Load capacity: max. 15 amps (at +70°C)
Port cable length: 72 mm

Dust and waterproof :

PowerPort front (built-in): IP 5K9K
PowerPort connection side: IP 5K0
PowerClip (not connected): IP 40
PowerClip (on port): IP 42
Switching cycles (without load): over 10,000
Switching cycles (under load): 4000
Please note the instructions for outdoor use

The PowerSystem Pro, on the other hand, has a bayonet lock in addition to the magnetic lock, as well as a load capacity of 25A instead of 15A. Both systems are available for 12V and 24V. A connection cable for the MagCode PowerClip is not included in the order.

Please select the desired variant.

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