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Nakatanenga Spare Wheel Bag

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↪️ simply attached to the spare wheel ✔️ offers enough space for all kinds of objects ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga spare tire backpack If you are occasionally "out at home", be it offroading,... more

Nakatanenga spare tire backpack

If you are occasionally "out at home", be it offroading, survival adventures or expeditions, you know the feeling when dust, dirt and moisture slowly but surely penetrate into the innermost areas: into the sleeping bag, in the spare linen, in the food, in the tool. There, where you just want to have it dry and clean, because otherwise it quickly starts to gnaw on morality. The rule of thumb is therefore, no matter whether backpack, tent or 4x4: dirty things stay together, well packed and especially OUTSIDE.

Our Nakatanenga spare tire backpack with about 80 l volume realizes this principle for your 4x4. Firewood, muddy slings, wet clothes or tarpaulins, garbage, game loot and much more are stored outside on the spare tire, on the tailgate or on the roll bar. This ensures that the interior of the car and the rest of the equipment are guaranteed to remain clean. If the additional storage space is no longer needed, the spare tire backpack is quickly cleaned, folded and packed away.

The 80 l backpack developed according to US MIL-SPEC is attached non-slip with two straps. It is freely expandable by double-sided MOLLE, e.g. with our first aid kit. Trivia is best kept in the zip pocket on top and meshes at the bottom allow water and dirt to drain off quickly. The bag is made of sturdy polyamide 6.6 and is internally PU-coated, odorless and without plasticizer.

The spare tire backpack is ideal extra storage space with a large footprint. Especially with smaller 4x4s that is very valuable. If 80 l are too much you should take a look at the medium version with 47 l.


Delivery is without the illustrated accessories.

Material: Polyamide 6.6 with PU coating
Capacity: about 80 liters
Dimensions: HxWxD ca. 66x525x210 mm

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