POWERspec clutch TD5 incl. single mass flywheel, POWERTD5SMF

LOF Clutches POWERspec clutch TD5 incl. single mass flywheel

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️↪️ POWERspec clutch ✔️ for Defender TD5 ✔️ My 1998-2006 ✔️ incl. single mass flywheel ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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POWERspec TD5 Solid Mass Flywheel kit LOF Clutches’ goal was to deliver the best Solid Mass... more

POWERspec TD5 Solid Mass Flywheel kit

LOF Clutches’ goal was to deliver the best Solid Mass Flywheel kit for Td5 Discovery and Defender. They have engineered this product with two specific objectives: first, to prevent the typical vibrations for Td5 and second, to guarantee long lasting service from clutch and flywheel. At LOF clutches, POWERspec is the next step up from ROADspec when it comes to performance. If you tow regularly or carry extra weight like expedition trucks do then this is the spec for you. It’ll handle highly tuned road monsters or hard worked off-roaders all day long. If you want reliability and drivability from your mapped motor POWERspec will keep you moving forward!   And by the way, the pedal weight is not heavier than the original.

Dual mass flywheels are prone to overheating in tuned vehicles with remapped engines or when the clutch has to deal with a lot of heavy towing or extreme conditions. Replacing DMFs with solid mass flywheels will prevent thermal damage. LOF’s solid mass flywheels conform to the characteristics of the original flywheels but are much more reliable, durable and even cheaper than components by Valeo or LUK. LOF are testing their replacement kits with leading Land Rover tuning specialists in the UK and Europe.

Perfect for vehicles with a Stage2 map/ 450Nm / 200 bhp


  • LOF heavy duty friction material
  • 1x 3 stage pre-dampened sprung driven plate
  • 1x LOF solid flywheel
  • 1x LOF TD5 clutch cover
  • 1x LOF EXTREMEspec HD release bearing
  • 1x G90 high-temp assembly grease
  • 6x clutch cover bolts
  • 1x CNC wire-formed anti-rattle wire spring clip
  • 1x CNC wire-formed pushrod clip
  • 1x spigot bush OEM
  • 1x fork bush OEM
  • 8x flywheel bolts

Note from LOF: if this clutch is newly installed, the LOF Powermaster clutch master cylinder and the LOF clutch slave cylinder should not be installed as well.

Legal notice: Due to technical changes, noise may be generated. This is technically harmless and therefore no reason for complaint! Installation at your own risk without guarantee for damage to the gearbox and drive train.

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