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Clutch master cylinder for Defender and series

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↪️ foot power reduction of up to 30% ✔️ for Defender ✔️ replacement takes about 25 minutes ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Defender Clutch Master Cylinder It’s easy to forget these days but driving used to be real... more

Defender Clutch Master Cylinder

It’s easy to forget these days but driving used to be real work. And you don’t have to go back to the days of double clutching or starter cranks either. Even the Defender got more and more user friendly and less work over the years, with power steering and electric windows making it easier on the arms. But especially with TD5s and older, your left leg still has to work a lot harder with the clutch than the right leg with the gas pedal. In low range off-road, when maneuvering a trailer or even in stop-and-go traffic in the city, the physical effort and strain can become very noticeable, not only for older, smaller or female drivers.

Our new POWERmaster cylinder reduces the weight of the clutch pedal by 30 % when compared to the standard Girling master cylinders with OEM part number STC500100. The replacement of the master cylinder takes about 25 minutes, detailed instructions are provided.

If you are looking for even higher weight reductions in the pedal, this additional pedal assist spring might be the answer.

"LOF does not recommend the installation:

  • for newly installed clutches
  • in combination with the LOF Power slave cylinder
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