saving bundle: Heavy Duty clutch kit incl. Improved MT82 intermediate shaft for TD4

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saving bundle: Heavy Duty clutch kit incl. Improved MT82 intermediate shaft for TD4 saving... more

saving bundle: Heavy Duty clutch kit incl. Improved MT82 intermediate shaft for TD4

saving bundle consisting of automatic clutch, friction disc, release bearing, matching clutch slave cylinder and a reinforced intermediate shaft MT82 transmission.

For TD4 built in 2007-2016

Information about the clutch automat with friction disc, release bearing and clutch slave cylinder
Especially with switching operations under higher load, such in trailer operation or in performance-enhanced vehicles, enormous forces must be transmitted by the clutch. A common problem with the Defender's original clutch is the failure of the insufficiently sized torsion springs. The torsion springs, specially adapted to the Defender Td4, eliminate the familiar problems of clattering or jamming clutches. Another, but less common, problem is the ingress of oil from the engine or transmission into the clutch bell. This oil is absorbed by the porous friction linings and occurs during driving by the resulting frictional heat repeatedly to the friction lining. Due to the reduced traction it comes in the episode to a higher heat development and vitrification of the coverings. The heat is a measure of the converted energy that is no longer available to the drive!

The organic coating used in this coupling can not absorb oil and therefore does not vitrify. It convinces with specially adapted friction modifiers with a soft response and enables a 100% adhesion. Of course, the pads are asbestos- and lead-free, free of other toxic heavy metals and heavy metal compounds.

Information on the reinforced intermediate shaft for MT82 transmissions.
Improved intermediate shaft for MT82 transmission in Land Rover Defender TD4 / TDCi / Puma 2.4 / 2.2


Known problem: The intermediate shaft of the TD4 / TDCi / Puma 2.4 / 2.2 models is not greased and is not supplied with oil. The connection of the two-piece intermediate shaft wears after prolonged use, since the shaft with outer ring gear has direct contact with the shaft with inner ring gear. In the worst case, this wear ensures that the sprocket shears off and the vehicle thus stops. A regular lubrication of the sprocket helps, but is in the long run very cumbersome

Our solution: The improved intermediate shaft is supplied with the oil of the gearbox and thus prevents the wear of the shafts. Easy and uncomplicated!

We recommend replacing the pilot bearing when replacing the coupling.

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