Insert inlay for Cubbybox in the Land Rover Defender 90/110/130

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Cubby Box Tray by Mud Stuff The Cubby Box in the average Landy is very often the masculine... more

Cubby Box Tray by Mud Stuff

The Cubby Box in the average Landy is very often the masculine counterpart to women’s handbags. It’s reasonably large and practical, but after a while nobody really knows what’s hidden in its depths. But finally, there’s an end to all the rummaging and searching around. Mud Stuff are now presenting their Cubby Box Tray, a simple but efficient tray insert with two compartments.

The Cubby Box Tray will fit any original Land Rover Cubby Box by simply inserting it right below the lid. The tray is held in place on the rim of the cubby box by an 8 mm lip. A dedicated recess for your hand makes it just as easy to remove it again. The insert separates the Cubby Box into two practical tiers: the tray on top holds important everyday items, everything else goes below. The tray’s two individual compartments measure 200 x 105 mm and their depth of 55 mm ensures sufficient space for all essentials like smartphone, keys, wallet, parking tokens, defrosting spray or chocolate bars. Soft touch layers on the bottom of the compartments make sure that nothing gets scratched.

The Cubby Box Tray’s dimensions and recesses are designed for Land Rover originals. If you have installed an aftermarket box, you can refer to the dimensions in the pictures to make sure it will fit your third-party solution. In case you have a subwoofer mounted in your Cubby Box, please make sure you have enough clearance for the tray’s depth of 60 mm. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Overall: 220 x 265 mm

Please note: for boxes with a metal hinge, the recess may need to be adjusted.

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