Side locker for Land Rover Defender, stainless steel, black powder-coated on the back left

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Side Lockers Externally accessible storage space is standard in Land Rover emergency or... more

Side Lockers

Externally accessible storage space is standard in Land Rover emergency or service vehicles. And for good reasons. Firstly, unused hollow spaces within the body offer additional stowage and secondly, items that shouldn’t be stored inside the car due to access, hygiene or health reasons can be kept separately.

Especially when the vehicle has been modified into a camper van or the load space has to be kept clean for humans and animals, it is a good idea to keep certain items in exterior storage. This includes oily tools, wet and dirty clothes or smelly and chemically hazardous items like jerry can spout, funnels or fuel-soaked rags. Camping fans particularly like to store gas cookers, cartridges and cooking accessories in the side locker. Using the lid as a table, your morning coffee tastes best besides your vehicle.

We have completely overhauled the side locker and managed to improve some of the key features significantly. So, if you haven’t cut a hole in the rear left of your Defender yet (or had it done for you*), it’s now time to do so. And if you already have our old side locker installed, you can easily upgrade to the new version. Dimensions and mounting holes are fully compatible so that the upgrade can be installed in no time.

What’s new? The box is now welded all around and the construction has been designed to meet the requirements of IP67. This has greatly improved the stainless steel locker’s robustness and waterproofing. We also added a new compression key lock with IP66 certification. The lock’s clamp can be adjusted so that the lid will stay permanently tight and rattle-free. The lid’s hinges are mounted at the bottom and it is held at a 90° angle by small chains on either side, forming a small tray or table.

The side locker is custom-made for Defender 110s. The five door station wagon will take the storage box behind the rear left wheel arch, the three door hard top alternatively offers installation in front of the wheel arch. Alternatively, this middle position in the hard top Landy can also take our bigger locker with even more stowage space.

The new side storage locker can also be installed in all other camper vans and expedition vehicles which offer suitable space in the body. As always, we are happy to assist with any questions you have.

Water and dust proof!

Suitable for all Land Rover Defenders 110 from 1992 (Tdi, Td5, Td4) Station Wagon and Hard Top

Delivery includes 2 keys and all required fixings.

Dimensions: 355 x 270 x 340 mm

Material: stainless steel, the lid is powder coated in black RAL9005 matte 

Installation advice:

- Defender 110 station wagon: behind rear left wheel arch
- 110 hard top version: also in front of the rear left wheel arch

- * Cutting into your vehicle’s body takes some experience and the tasks can vary immensely which each vehicle, especially if you have to remove struts, panels or checker plate. If you’re uncertain or don’t have the right tools, we highly recommend leaving the cutting of the opening to the professionals. Installing the box itself is DIY level though.

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