Dual Battery System 160Ah for Landrover Defender - by Nakatanenga

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↪️ 2x Banner AGM battery ✔️ killswitch relays and battery monitor or automatic relays ✔️ dual battery mount and harness ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Nakatanenga's dual battery system for the Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 offers a high capacity,... more

Nakatanenga's dual battery system for the Land Rover Defender 90/110/130 offers a high capacity, revolutionary AGM technology, safe and simple battery management, high output in electricity when using a winch, for example, and the security to start your vehicle even on a low charge while using a freezer or that large HiFi-system.

The system easily installs underneath the driver's seat of your Defender. The black bracket holds the two 80 Ah AGM batteries from Banner in place. These batteries a resistant to vibration and thus can not spill, e.g. in case you roll your 4x4, they're also protected from deep discharge and capable of a very high output. Since they are spill-proof they also do not release any vapors and even deliver in very cold temperatures. All while not affecting the mechanism of your seat.

The relays mount directly to the bracket itself, guaranteeing the physical split between the two batteries while allowing you to connect them at will. While driving both are being charged and when turned off only the one is being drained while the second stands fully charge ready to fire the engine back up, very useful for cold temperatures. At the same time, with the push of a button, you can join the two together should you ever need an especially high power output, e.g. during long winching operations. 

The monitor comes with an HBC systems is mounted directly to the dashboard for easy supervision and operation by the driver. This set includes all the necessary wiring, odds and ends, and hardware necessary to install it. The brands above ship their heavy-duty wiring harness with 35 mm² copper cables and mounts. The Cyrix system, on the other hand, is the value option and is engineered for lighter use. The Crix system can be upgraded with a monitor at any time, be aware though that the upgrade is far more expensive than just buying the HBC system (Cyrix incl.) from the start.

Another upgrade to any of the models is to expand the system with a heavy-duty jump cable and a third party electricity source for long stays at campgrounds. To simplify the wiring mess and ease the potential search for faulty connections we recommend our fusebox with power and grounding distribution, to be mounted underneath the passenger seat.

The Set comes with:

  • 2x AGM Batteries (80 Ah Capacity) 
  • Nakatanenga dual battery rack 
  • Wiring harness from 35 mm² copper wires and with high quality hardware and monitors 
  • EITHER Battery monitor with fully automated relays (HBC, IBS, National Luna) or only automated relays (CYRIX) 
  • Hardware
12V-Batterie: 2x Batteriepfand
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