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Re-usable Face Masks with Changeable Filters Made in Germany In the West, we can take a lot of... more

Re-usable Face Masks with Changeable Filters Made in Germany

In the West, we can take a lot of inspiration from the East when it comes to preventing the spread of infections for oneself and others. In Asia, face masks are an integral part of everyday life. Often still frowned upon in our culture, the experience during the lockdown has made us more pragmatic, not the least due to recommendations by the Robert-Koch-Institute or various international medical associations.

According to many experts, even simple home-made masks without FFP2/3 certification can significantly reduce the risk of becoming infected and, more importantly, to spread infections to others.
The Nakatanenga face mask is extremely robust, reusable, made of mesh on the outside and a replaceable 3-layer filter layer on the inside. The mesh material of the mask wearer is normally used in rucksacks and many of our bags, so it is extremely resistant, but on its own without any protective effect. The fleece for the filter inserts comes from industry, but is free of chemical pollutants and does not put additional strain on the organism.

The inner lining is made from original Coolmax®, usually applied in sports and outdoor clothes. Coolmax® is skin-friendly, fast drying and wicks away moisture. The anatomic fit and an adaptable rubber cord with a stopper make this mask very comfortable to wear, thereby increasing the protective effect.
The mix of high-quality materials and the design based on expert recommendations lets us offer a long lived and robust mask for repeated use, made in EU. To ensure optimum efficiency, the mask should be worn for the maximum duration of one day.

After that it should ideally be machine washed with regular detergent. Wash as often as possible. General opinion among medical professionals considers 60°C as sufficient, but you can also wash it at 90°C. Swap the changeable filters during the course of the day. CAUTION: do not use fabric softeners, as they can destroy the fleece’s filtering capacity. Do not tumble dry.

We explicitly state that our face masks are NOT medical masks with certified protection against COVID19 and other pathogens. But since there is still a shortage of medical protection equipment and the proper personal protective equipment is best employed in hospitals and by first responders, we want to help wherever we can. That’s why we are producing our masks based on recommendations by scientists and the medical authorities, advising that fabric masks can reduce the risk of airborne infection. This is primarily aimed at the risk to transmit infections to others.

Our Nakatanenga masks are available in sizes M and L. M generally fits women and smaller persons, L is for men. You can order the masks in the colors Coyote or Black. The lining can vary because we are using materials that are currently available or in stock. The red mask’s lining is turquois.

Material mask: polyester / Coolmax ®
Material filter: polypropylene / polyester

Delivery includes the outer mask and one filter. Changeable filters can be ordered separately in sets of 3 or 5.

Please stay healthy!

Due to hygienic reasons, this product can’t be exchanged or returned.

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