AIR INTAKE / AIR INTAKE WOLF XD STYLE, year of construction 1994-2016

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↪️️ air intake WOLF XD STYLE ✔️ year of construction 1994-2016 ✔️ optical highlight ✔️ colour black ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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AIR INTAKE / AIR INTAKE WOLF XD STYLE, year of construction 1994-2016 „Wolf“ Military... more

AIR INTAKE / AIR INTAKE WOLF XD STYLE, year of construction 1994-2016

„Wolf“ Military Defenders see action in all climate zones and all kinds of environmental conditions. From the wet and cold in the north to the mud of the tropics and the sand and dust of the deserts. One specific modification for these extreme challenges can be spotted with the naked eye: the air intakes. When not equipped with snorkels, XD Landy-wolves feature raised air intakes, often on both sides, to keep water, mud and dust out of the intake system.

If you want to give your civilian Landy (with intake on the right) this military Wolf look, you can replace the standard grill with our Wolf XD Style Air Intake. This is not only a great visual upgrade to your Defender, but also protects your intake system from splash water, mud and dust. Due to its design, the Wolf Style intakes will already pre-filter a lot of unwanted stuff getting near your intake, especially when compared to the standard grills. So, if you’re aiming at an upgrade in design and performance, but don’t want to spend the 600 € or more for the hard-to-get original parts (ESR4570), the Wolf XD Style Air Intakes are the ones for you. For off-roaders with truly amphibious ambitions, who rather have water in the footwells than the intakes, we recommend our SN4 or SNX snorkels, of course.

Installing the Wolf Style Air Intake is really easy. The frame can be attached to the pre-existing screw holes. The intake itself and the gasket are then in turn attached to the frame. All fastening materials are included.

Frame, intake case, gasket, fastening material.

Will only fit Defenders with air intake on the RIGHT.

Please note:
Depending on the year of manufacture, the hole pattern on the fender may not match the hole pattern of the retaining frame exactly and adjustment work may be necessary.

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