Defender silicone hose kit

Terrafirma silicone Tube, for Land Rover, Blue

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↪️ high-performance silicone tubes for turbo chargers and intercooler ✔️ for Defender ✔️ available in blue ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Terrafirma Silicone Tubes for Land Rover Defender In the racing industy they have been the... more

Terrafirma Silicone Tubes for Land Rover Defender

In the racing industy they have been the standardfor quite a while now, finally they are also available for various Land Rover vehicles: Terra firma High-Performance Silicone-Tubes for turbo chargers and intercoler.

They are suitable for the Defender in all the various diesel-konfigurations, as well as selected models of the Discovery (1/2/3) and the Range Rover. By selecting one of the four colours  you can easily dress up or -own you engine.

The ,with polyester reenforced, silicon tubes are roubuster and thicker than the originals, thus more reliable and perfectly suited for demanding tasks (e.g. towing, tuning, desert crossings,...). The operating temperatures range from an astounding -40°C to a wopping 180°C.  

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