Tiger Seal adhesive and sealant

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Tiger Seal adhesive and sealant U-POL is second to none when it comes to coatings, adhesives... more

Tiger Seal adhesive and sealant

U-POL is second to none when it comes to coatings, adhesives and fillers for automotive applications. Especially in the off-road sector, U-POL products like RAPTOR protective coating are the go-to solution of choice. Tiger Seal™ by U-POL is a one component ready-to-use sealant and adhesive for bonding, sealing and waterproofing of auto panels, trims or seams and the wide range of customizing projects for off-road, camping and expedition vehicles.

Tiger Seal™ bonds firmly and permanently to most materials encountered in automotive, marine or domestic applications: steel, aluminum, galvanized metal, most plastics, fiber glass, glass, wood and many others. As a moisture curing polyurethane, Tiger Seal™ stays permanently flexible and doesn’t shrink after curing

These unique PU features give Tiger Seal™ the edge over other sealant types, because car parts are constantly subject to considerable mechanical and thermal stresses. Whereas rigid sealants and adhesives become porous and brittle after time due to tension, vibration or thermal expansion/contraction issues, Tiger Seal™ bonds and seals permanently.

Tiger Seal™ cartridges fit standard caulking guns and the product is very easy to apply. It doesn’t expand or foam and can be immediately painted over with most water or solvent based coatings. This is one of the main advantages over silicone-based products.

Please refer to the application and safety instructions and always wear appropriate personal safety equipment. Tiger Seal™ contains harmful isocyanates, which may cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems when inhaled.

Size: 310 ml
Color: Black, white, grey

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