Seat cover for driver and passenger side Ineos Grenadier

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Seat cover for driver and passenger side Ineos Grenadier The Ineos Grenadier is designed to be... more

Seat cover for driver and passenger side Ineos Grenadier

The Ineos Grenadier is designed to be the successor to the old Land Rover Defender. You won’t find any gimmicks in the Grenadier but loads of functionality and robust simplicity. This principle also applies to the front seats by Recaro. While they provide a lot of support off-road, they are at the same time quite comfortable, both when driving and when getting in or out of the car.

Regardless whether you choose the Recaros with leather or fabric upholstery, our tailor-made protective covers for the Grenadier’s front seats function as a sturdy and versatile "battle suit" for tough off-road missions, long overland trips and everyday life. Our textile designers opted for a three-part concept to achieve a perfect fit for the compact, straight-lined seats. Apart from the headrest, there are two separate covers for backrest and seat. This allows for a firm and precise fit without bulging or sliding. The covers are fastened with straps (or velcro) and tucked into the gaps for an even tighter fit, both at the outer edges and between the backrest and the seat.

The materials - 1000D nylon 6.6 and breathable nylon mesh - are hard-wearing and, above all, easy to clean. MOLLE on the headrest, backrest and the front edge of the seat offers additional storage space to attach equipment and accessory pouches. Cut-outs in the covers guarantee that operation, functionality and safety technology (e.g. airbags) remain unrestricted.

Our seat covers are available in black with plain-colored MESH inserts.

Material: nylon, PU-coated

This item was designed in our in-house textile workshop. A dedicated team and short distances guarantee constant quality control and continuous development of our textile products. Thanks to our in-house workshop, we can easily accommodate customer requests for changes, custom designs and ideas for improvement at short notice. We promise to implement your requirements whenever possible. An email or phone call is all it takes!

And by the way: at Nakatanenga we exclusively use materials with a 100% nylon PU coating for textile products. In contrast to PVC, nylon PU (polyurethane) is free from harmful phthalate-based plasticizers. Until recently, low-molecular phthalates were the most common plasticizers and are even used in food and cosmetics. However, due to their molecular nature, they accumulate in the environment and are suspected of acting like endogenous hormones. From a toxicological point of view this is considered a trigger for various diseases, including cancer. For Nakatanenga, it is therefore a matter of course to use only ecologically sound and health-friendly alternatives such as nylon PU.


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