CargoBear 2.0 system roof rack - for Ineos Grenadier

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↪️ ️ Nakatanenga CargoBear system roof rack ✔️ for Ineos Grenadier ✔️ Set with end carrier and wind deflector ✔️ Material: aluminium ✔️ best quality
  • CGB2-GREN-1
  • 63 kg
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Nakatanenga CargoBear for Ineos Grenadier The launch of the Ineos Grenadier was without a... more

Nakatanenga CargoBear for Ineos Grenadier

The launch of the Ineos Grenadier was without a doubt the biggest event for the off-road community since the launch of the new Defender. And since the two are more or less officially competing for the title of best successor to the old Landy, it's a pretty exciting affair. When it comes to the shape of the roof, the new Ineos is hardly distinguishable from the old Defender, including the slope at the front, the side gutters and the mighty roof load of 150 kg (dynamic load) and 420 kg (static).

All of that makes it a joy to fit the Grenadier with our CargoBear modular roof rack. The legendary CargoBear is just as ambitious and versatile as the British newcomer with its Bavarian-Austrian technology and old-school look. The CargoBear for the Grenadier (Station Wagon/Utility Wagon) can be ordered in four variations – but thanks to our modular system, subsequent conversions or add-ons are easily done, whenever your specific requirements change.

In the simplest, open version, the roof rack consists of three crossbars, a wind deflector at the front and the end carrier at the rear. For closed and therefore fully accessible platforms, the Bear is available in three further versions:

  • As a short roof rack with three crossbars, two closed sections between the bars, a wind deflector and end panel.
  • As a long version with four crossbars, three closed sections between the bars, a wind deflector and end panel.
  • There is also a special version for grenadiers with safari windows in the front roof. Here the rear two sections are fully closed, the front one has two openings on the sides, so as not to obstruct the safari windows.

As with the old Landy, the ultra-flat roof rack is simply mounted to the roof gutters by clamping brackets. A hybrid solution specially adapted to the Grenadier provides even more stability: additional U-profiles and support brackets connect the CargoBear to the handles on the roof to take excessive load off the gutters.

As always, all aluminum and stainless steel components of the CargoBear are powder-coated in black. This makes them a perfect match for the purist design of the Grenadier.

Ineos Grenadier and CargoBear - the ultimate combination for work, sport, camping or expedition!

Crossbar, platform, wind deflector and end panel: powder-coated aluminum (black)
U-profiles and support brackets: Stainless steel powder-coated (black)


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