OPTIMATE mobile solar battery charging system, incl. traveling kit

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↪️ highly effective solar pulse charging system ✔️ 40, 60 and 80 watts ✔️ incl. bag ✔️ adjustable stand ✔️ for outdoor and off-road use ✔️ best quality
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OptiMATE solar kit, panels with intelligent charge/monitoring controller. The highly... more

OptiMATE solar kit, panels with intelligent charge/monitoring controller.

The highly effective solar charger (solar impulse charging system), with which even deeply discharged batteries can still be saved and protected. It guarantees safe and intelligent charging, as the OptiMATE solar battery charging system independently switches between continuous charging or pulse charging depending on the sunshine. OptiMATE analyses the state of the battery the next day and optionally continues charging or - in the case of a defective battery - optimisation. Safe long-term maintenance without the risk of overcharging. Automatic shutdown in the event of a short circuit or as soon as the battery is disconnected.

Excellent safety for battery and vehicle electronics

Easy monitoring of the battery status with the help of the monitor display, which updates itself every 3 seconds. (current consumption < 0.5 mA). With this battery charging system you get an all-round package, mobile, portable, intelligent. The system is suitable for standard, AGM, LFP and gel batteries. It is supplied with battery terminals and ring eye connections and with German instructions. The solar systems are manufactured to a high standard in South Africa (made in South Africa).

Product Information Solar Panels - Solar Charger

Info about the solar panels:


40 watts (max.)
60 Watt (max.)
80 watts (max.)

Voltage: 12 V nominal, 22 V maximum

Possible uses: Outdoor/indoor

Design: High-quality aluminium frame (weatherproof) with 4 mounting brackets, output cable 200 cm with SAE connector

Info about the OptiMATE charging/monitoring controller:

Charging current: 

3.3 A from 40 W panel (max. average current), 3-5 A pulse current.

5 A from 60 W panel (max. average current), 3-5 A pulse current

6.67 A from 80 W panel (max. average current), 3-5 A pulse current

Usage: Indoor/outdoor (lowest temperature: -20 °C.

Economy mode: start with low 1 V voltage

Suitable for: STD, AGM and GEL 12 V batteries with 2 - 240 Ah.

Input: 15 - 22 V

Design: Weatherproof charge controller housing with mounting holes and loops (for Velcro or Ziptie). SAE input connector for solar panel and output cable of 100 cm to be connected to the battery with the supplied weatherproof battery cable and standard battery clamp set.

Dimensions (corner brackets included):

40 watt panel: width: 42.9 cm / 16 7/8 " height: 68.6 cm / 27 " depth: 3.3 cm / 1 1/4 "
60 Watt panel: Width: 65.9 cm / 16 7/8 " Height: 68.6 cm / 27 " Depth: 3.3 cm / 1 1/4 "
80 Watt panel: Width: 68.5 cm / 27 " Height: 78.1 cm / 30 3/4 " Depth: 3.3 cm / 1 1/4 "

Optimum safety: there is no risk of overcharging. Completely safe for vehicle electronics. Spark suppression. Safe for long-term battery maintenance. Automatic cut-off in case of short circuit or disconnected battery.

The panels are supplied with a 3 m cable as standard. A suitable extension cable can be found here.

Additionally included in delivery are:

suitable carrying bag

adjustable stand (fixed to the panel)

The panel is ideally suited for our parking heater, for example.

Please note: When using the panel for a cool box, a buffer is necessary, as the starting current is too high.

 Made in South Africa



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