Window grille for Defender 90/110 SW for mounting on the inner lining, suitable for MOLLE system

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↪️️ Window grille for Defender 90/110 < MY 2016 ✔️ for mounting on the inner lining ✔️ powder coated aluminium ✔️ for MOLLE system ✔️ fast shipping
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Window grille for Defender 90/110 SW for mounting on the inner lining or door frame, suitable... more

Window grille for Defender 90/110 SW for mounting on the inner lining or door frame, suitable for MOLLE system

If you plan to extend your off-road, work, expedition or camper vehicle’s storage capacities, you want to maximize on flexibility, economic use of space and safety. Every trip is different: snow on one day, sand or mud on another. Sometimes you’re out for a weekend, other times it’ll be months on and off the road. Always ready to quickly accommodate widely diverse tasks, a MOLLE-compatible storage system has the additional advantage that it’s never in the way, like chests, boxes or drawers so often are.

To provide a great solution for your flexible storage needs, we have developed a perfectly fitting system of interior window grills made from powder-coated aluminum for Defenders 90 SW and 110 SW up to MY 2016. Using the included fastening materials, the grills are simply screwed into the interior trim of the cargo area windows and thereby function as an equally lightweight and sturdy MOLLE grid. MOLLE (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) is a system of bags, pouches, holders, holsters and all kinds of straps and other fasteners that can be tied or clipped into webbings or grids – in this case the window grill – ultimately creating a very flexible, lightweight and secure carrying system for all kinds of gear. In contrast to boxes, shelves or drawers nothing can fall, slide or fly around, you always have quick and easy access and the storage space required is only little more than the size of the equipment itself. It doesn’t get much more efficient than that.

In addition, we also offer a wide variety of MOLLE-bags and pouches, MOLLE-compatible emergency and first aid kits, and all kinds of fasteners, from strap sets to quickfist clips for tools and other gear. In combination with the window grids, these accessories let you customize a safe, space-saving and lightweight storage system for all tasks and purposes.

Powder-coated aluminum, black.

Available window grilles:
1 x Rear Window      (Fastening on door frame)
2 x Rear Quarter Window   (Fastening to interior trim)
2x side window load compartment  (Fastening to interior trim)
Mounting material included


Please note:
The rear quarter windows are only suitable for Land Rover Defender TD4.
MOLLE-bags, quickfists and other accessories depicted in the photos are NOT included in the delivery and must be ordered separately.


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