Nolden LED Worklight / Reverse Light AR116

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↪️ extremely flat and compact LED working / reverse light ✔️ depth of only 30 mm ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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NCC LED Reverse light A116 Extremely flat and compact LED working / reverse light with a depth... more

NCC LED Reverse light A116

Extremely flat and compact LED working / reverse light with a depth of only 30 mm. Thanks to the space-saving design and the low cable entry, the headlamp offers the right mounting solution for almost any situation. The illumination is tilted 45° downwards, which means that the headlamp provides perfect ambient lighting even in the case of vertical alignment. In addition to standing and suspended mounting, the headlamp can optionally also be mounted on the backside with retaining brackets or directly on vertical surfaces as ambient lighting and all this with only one headlamp design!

The variant AR116 / 500 offers 550 +/- 50 lumen with 12 LEDs with only 8 W power consumption.
The variant AR116 / 1000 offers 1.000 +/- 90 lumens with 24 LEDs with only 14 W power consumption.

Both versions meet the ECE R23 guideline and can therefore also be used legally as a back-up light in road traffic. Due to the need of high-performance reverse lights, working headlamps have regularly been used as reverse lights (especially in the truck sector), although this is NOT allowed. With the NCC LED AR116 work / reverse light, this has come to an end and possibly fines or even lost insurance protection are a thing of the past. Due to the exchangeable logo, customer-specific designs are possible.

Technical specifications:
Measurements: 117x32 mm
LEDs & Type: 12 or 24 pieces AR116 / 500; AR116 / 1000; cree
Power: 12/24 V
Power at 12 V: AR116 / 500 with 8 W and AR116 / 1000 with 14 W
Mounting points: 4x M6 and 1x M10
Weight: 350 g
Certification: ECE R10, ECE R23
Material housing: ABS
Material light disc: PC
Temperature range: -40 ° C - + 80 ° C
Plug: English DT15-2P or open cable ends

Other features:
45° downward illumination for optimum ambient lighting
only 30 mm depth
Universal 12 / 24V (Multivoltage 9 V - 33 V)
durable LED and electronics with 30,000 hours of life
impact-resistant plastic housing, with optimum corrosion resistance
impact resistant and hardened polycarbonate front screen
water- and dust-tight according to IP 68 & IP6K9K
Radio and radio interference suppression according to ECE R10 and CISPR 25 Level 5
Temperature monitoring and protection against overheating
2 m connection cable for free plug assembly

Please note: the protective grilles shown in the pictures are not included in the scope of delivery.

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