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Nakatanenga drawer system for Defender

€1,475.00 *

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↪️ consisting of drawer (aluminum) ✔️ removable partitions ✔️ HD rails (galvanized) ✔️ door lock handle (stainless) ✔️ wooden cover ✔️ fast shipping
  • 35 kg Sperrgut

Not available

Voraussichtlich Ende Mai / Anfang Juni 2022 wieder erhältlich

Vehicle model:

From storage space in the vehicle you can never have enough. And lockable storage certainly not!... more

From storage space in the vehicle you can never have enough. And lockable storage certainly not! This new drawer system for the TD4 and TD5 / TDI consists of a spacious aluminum drawer with galvanized slide rails, two removable partitions and a robust cover plate. The drawer fits between the wheel arches and is covered by the cover platform. Your vehicle is on a slippery ground? In contrast to other vehicles, the drawer does not click on again - thanks to the locking of the sliding strips at half and full length!

The drawer system is suitable for Defender TD4 and TD5 / TDI. Depending on the type of vehicle (TD4 or TD5 / TDI), the cover varies in size.


Drawer (outside, incl. Front panel): length 1,010 mm, width 745 mm, height 190 mm
Drawer (inside): length 965 mm, width 645 mm, height 165 mm
TD4 cover (basic dimensions): length 1,110 mm, width 1,145 mm


Drawer: 25 kg
Cover: 9 kg


Drawer: high-quality aluminum, surface black powder-coated
Heavy duty rails: steel, galvanized
Door lock / handle plate lock: stainless steel (V2A)


1x drawer (aluminum) with ...
... 2x demountable partitions
... 2x heavy duty rails (galvanized)
... 1x door lock / handle plate lock (stainless steel)
1x wooden cover (covered with felt)
Further product features:

180 kg support load
Locking: Half and full length (vehicle is wrong? No problem!)
Theft protection: lockable door lock

This drawer system is suitable for all 90 and 110 Station Wagon models.

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