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Bumper protection for New Defender from MY2020, 3 colours

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↪️ 3M high-performance film ✔️ available in black, anthracite grey or silver ✔️ for New Defender ✔️ size: 115.5 x 16 cm ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Bumper protection in 3 colours What’s worse than a scratch on your car? Clearly that very... more

Bumper protection in 3 colours

What’s worse than a scratch on your car? Clearly that very first scratch! How annoying is it when you spot one on a pristine new vehicle? Even when 4x4s generally wear their scars with pride, most signs of heavy usage aren’t necessary, they’re frustrating and also depreciate the value of your vehicle. One of the first areas to show signs of wear and tear – especially with off-road vehicles – is usually the cargo area. But if your 4x4 is a New Defender, would you really want to see a worn and scratched rear bumper?

Immediate and long-lasting prevention of wear marks on your New Defender’s rear bumper can be achieved with our designated paint protection film. This high-performance product by industry leader 3M protects your New Defender’s rear bumper from scratches and abrasion even when your loading area is constantly in use for work or sports. And don’t forget the damage a dog’s claws can do to the paint when you carry them regularly in a dog box in the back. Due to its multi-layer structure, the 3M wrap also protects the bumper from chipping caused by the impact of small stones or dropped objects.

Installing the paint protection film is really easy. Everything you need is included: cleaning cloth, adhesion promoter wipe, squeegee and detailed instructions. If you’ve never done this before: don’t worry. The protective wrap can be positioned exactly as you need it, but if you have to readjust the position a few millimeters that’s no problem either. Simply slide the film into place. It only starts to adhere once you apply pressure with the squeegee.

The protective wrap is available in black, anthracite grey or silver, making it a perfect visual match for any New Defender color scheme.

Comes in one complete „no worries“ kit: foil, squeegee, cleaner, primer.

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