Idler pulley 9000, foldable

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↪️ double the pulling force of the winch and correct the pulling direction ✔️ ultra-light, stable and compact ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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You should have at least one quality snatch block pulley in your winching kit at all times. Most... more

You should have at least one quality snatch block pulley in your winching kit at all times. Most often, you will use it when there are no straight lines in which you can tow your vehicle, but in any case, the snatch block doubles the towing force. That means winching your trapped vehicle free becomes easier and the winch itself is put under less strain while doing so.

Our new foldable Nakatanenga snatch block utilizes the familiar pulley principle, but in our development process we focused on the best choice of materials, on high-end production and on improving usually overlooked details. Snatch blocks have to be solid, light-weight, universally applicable, smooth-running and easy to clean. Our construction from exceptionally sturdy 6 mm galvanized steel and a 15 mm polymer reel suits any kind of winch line with a diameter of 8 – 13 mm: plastic, plasma or steel. The snatch block doesn’t need any maintenance or servicing other than cleaning it after use. Even when using it with steel cable, it doesn’t need to be lubricated. The choice of polymer synthetics for the reel makes it smooth-running with any choice of cable or rope. The workload of the block is 9000 lbs or over 4 t, the breaking load is 19.300 lbs or over 8.7 t.

The compact, foldable design of the snatch block guarantees solidity, easy stowability and a low weight of only 2,30 kg – ensuring that it fits into any travel 4x4 or expedition vehicle that’s already stuffed to the roof. As accessories we recommend our Nakatanenga winch straps/tree trunk protectors and soft shackles.

And finally, about the details: in contrast to many other snatch blocks, we have actually improved the metal side plates and the eyes. Both have folded, rounded edges that make them not only easier and safer to handle and less prone to shifting abruptly as the rope is tightening but first and foremost it prevents synthetic ropes from chafing or having fibers or strands damaged. Moreover, we applied high quality galvanization to the plates to prevent corrosion and to maintain an easy-to-clean surface even after repeated use in water, mud and snow. Have fun winching!

Technical Data:
Work load: 9000 lbs / 4.082 t
Breaking load: 19,300 lbs / 8.754 t
Plate material: 6mm galvanized steel
Reel: 125 mm polymer reel
Winch line diameter: 8-13 mm
Line types: steel cable, synthetic rope, plasma rope
Weight: 2,30 kg
Lubrication: maintenance free

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