synthetic winch rope, 30 meters, with and without winch hooks

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↪️ with and without winch hooks ✔️ length: 30 meters ✔️ available in: orange & gray ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • DYN10-30-GRY
  • 3 kg

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Winch rope 10 mm x 30 m Steel or synthetics? With winch ropes that is often something of a... more

Winch rope 10 mm x 30 m

Steel or synthetics? With winch ropes that is often something of a religious question. However, the trend is now quite clearly to high-performance synthetic fibers, the steel in the ratio strength to weight are often superior and otherwise bring in handling many benefits. 

The advantages of our 30 m synthetic rope compared to steel are manifold, but above all there are two main arguments: safety and weight. When steel cables break, heavy, sharp-edged metal lashes through the air uncontrollably, causing damage and the worst possible injuries. Should our new 2.3 kg light rope really reach the 9.5 t breaking load once, the ends will simply fall to the ground.

Even when handling the steel cable, cuts caused by loose or broken wires are not uncommon, but excluded in synthetics. In addition, the much lighter Dyneem rope not only relieves the operator, the car also benefits in terms of statics and driving characteristics. Synthetic ropes are low maintenance, washable, easy to roll up and down due to low friction, and are less sensitive to UV, chemical and oil products, abrasion and fatigue due to kinking than many other synthetic fibers. They absorb hardly any water and are extremely flexible with a low length elasticity of around 5%.

The high-quality workmanship of our synthetic rope is shown in detail:
To accommodate the pull hook in the eye splice, the 12mm thimble is made of stainless steel, as well as the 7 mm eyelet for attachment to the winch. Additional protection against frictional heat and abrasion is provided by polyester protective sleeves on both ends of the rope. So that nothing rubs off or splices at the splices, they are hot-shrink-sealed.

The Nakatanenga winch rope is available in gray or orange. The price of 149 € is already an announcement in this quality. It is even cheaper in a bundle with rope and hook for 189 €.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 10 mm x 30 m
Weight: 2.3 kg
Breaking load: 9.5 t
Number of fibers: 12 inside, 24 outside
Length flexibility: 5.2%

Hole spacing winch window: 10 inch / 254 mm

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