Alu-Box Pro, Roof Box in special size

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↪️ up to 198 litre capacity ✔️water- and dust-proof according to IP54 ✔️ individually designed for Nakatanenga ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
  • ABP-S198
  • 27,2 kg Sperrgut

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There are many aluminium roof boxes on the market - ranging from expensive, heavy and cheap... more

There are many aluminium roof boxes on the market - ranging from expensive, heavy and cheap quality. This aluminium box has an excellent quality/price ratio. It's also water- and dust-proof according to the IP54-Norm. The aluminium alloy of the box offers good protection against salt water and other environmental toxicants. The material strength is 1.0 mm.
waterproof / dustproof according to IP54 standard

Delivery without TITAN-STRAP lashings!

Please note that there is one important consideration about aluminum. As always, we make sure our products are stored, handled and shipped with the utmost care. Aluminum boxes, however, can always show minimal scratches, dull spots, blemishes, small dents or other superficial marks on delivery. These are solely due to the specific properties of the material. On contact with atmospheric oxygen, aluminum develops a natural, anti-corrosion patina.  Three times lighter than steel, it is also considerably softer, making it the perfect material for metal sheets, especially when weight and durability are important. The flip side of these properties, though, means that aluminum can never be entirely free of scratches, blemishes etc. This is why these surface marks do not constitute grounds for customer complaints. After all, aluminum boxes are meant to be rugged items for heavy duty use and every mark tells a story. With that in mind, we hope you get the most out of your boxes!

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