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Aluminum cases Pro There are many aluminum cases, but just one “Alubox”. The Wiberg family’s... more

Aluminum cases Pro

There are many aluminum cases, but just one “Alubox”. The Wiberg family’s business on Zealand in Denmark has been supplying the Danish military, various rescue services, international expeditions and the off-road community since 1999 with tough, handmade transport cases made from aluminum alloy AW-5754. As you would expect from real Vikings, Danish Aluboxes are seawater resistant. In addition, they can be padlocked, are dust-proof and highly resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

The Wibergs’ experience and their commitment to continuously improve the Aluboxes show in the details: extra-robust and impact-proof stacking corners provide tight connections when you put several boxes on top of each other. Spring handles retract, so they’re never sticking out as dangerous obstacles‚ causing damages or injuries. Aluboxes are now made with solid rivets for even greater robustness and durability, even in extreme conditions.

The new transport box for the 30-second touring tents by OZtents was developed by Soren Wiberg, who is a big fan of Land Rovers and camping. That’s why he saw right away that the somewhat flimsy OZtent carry bag needs to be improved upon. With packing dimensions of roughly 2 m, OZtents are usually too long to be stowed inside smaller 4x4s. The new Alubox measures 2130 x 510 x 220 mm, making it the ideal storage space for OZtent models RV1, RV2, RV3, RV4 und RV5. The transport case is designed for roof racks, like our very own CargoBear.

And if you can fit a tent in your Alubox, you can also fit many other long and unwieldy pieces of equipment: shovels, sand ladders, snow chains and everything else that’s needed on expeditions and camping trips.

One more thing: The Wiberg Vikings’ Alubox slogan is “Battered, beaten and still going strong.“  And that’s how we see it, too, when it comes to aluminum cases. Dents, scratches and bruises are at the end of the day part of the deal. They speak of your adventures and that’s why we keep unnecessary and environmentally harmful packaging to a minimum when we are shipping them.

Aluminium AW-5754, waterproof / dustproof according to IP54 standard

2130 x 510 x 220 mm

Please note that there is one important consideration about aluminum. As always, we make sure our products are stored, handled and shipped with the utmost care. Aluminum boxes, however, can always show minimal scratches, dull spots, blemishes, small dents or other superficial marks on delivery. These are solely due to the specific properties of the material. On contact with atmospheric oxygen, aluminum develops a natural, anti-corrosion patina.  Three times lighter than steel, it is also considerably softer, making it the perfect material for metal sheets, especially when weight and durability are important. The flip side of these properties, though, means that aluminum can never be entirely free of scratches, blemishes etc. This is why these surface marks do not constitute grounds for customer complaints. After all, aluminum boxes are meant to be rugged items for heavy duty use and every mark tells a story. With that in mind, we hope you get the most out of your boxes!

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