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  • ABP-T010
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   Model   Volume   Measurements inside   Measurements outside
ABP-T010        10 litres               370x200x140 mm                  400x230x156 mm                       
ABP-T019 19 litres 500x220x170 mm 530x250x186 mm
ABP-S020 20 litres 360x260x180 mm 390x290x200 mm
ABP-S023 23 litres 470x350x140 mm 500x380x160 mm
ABP-A029 29 litres 360x260x310 mm 390x290x330 mm
ABP-A042 42 litres 550x350x220 mm 580x380x240 mm
ABP-S060 60 litres 550x350x310 mm 580x380x330 mm
ABP-A073 73 litres 550x350x350 mm 580x380x400 mm
ABP-S056 56 litres 1220x240x190 mm 1250x270x210 mm
ABP-S067 67 litres 550x550x220 mm 580x580x240 mm
ABP-S074 74 litres 750x550x180 mm 780x580x200 mm
ABP-A081 81 litres 750x350x310 mm 780x380x330 mm
ABP-S115 115 litres 550x550x380 mm 580x580x400 mm
ABP-S120 120 litres 750x550x280 mm 780x580x300 mm
ABP-A134 134 litres 850x450x350 mm 880x480x370 mm
ABP-A157 157 litres 750x550x380 mm 780x580x400 mm
ABP-S175 175 litres 550x550x580 mm 580x580x600 mm
ABP-S163 163 litres 1150x350x380 mm 1180x380x400 mm
ABP-S192 192 litres  2100x480x190 mm  2130x510x220 mm
ABP-S198 198 litres 1130x720x225 mm 1180x770x260 mm
ABP-A240 240 litres 750x550x580 mm 780x580x600 mm
ABP-S350 350 litres 1150x750x400 mm 1180x780x420 mm
ABP-A415 415 litres 1150x750x480 mm 1180x780x500 mm
ABP-S550 550 litres 1150x750x630 mm 1180x780x650 mm
ABP-S690 690 litres 1150x750x730 mm 1180x780x750 mm






















Please note that there is one important consideration about aluminum. As always, we make sure our products are stored, handled and shipped with the utmost care. Aluminum boxes, however, can always show minimal scratches, dull spots, blemishes, small dents or other superficial marks on delivery. These are solely due to the specific properties of the material. On contact with atmospheric oxygen, aluminum develops a natural, anti-corrosion patina.  Three times lighter than steel, it is also considerably softer, making it the perfect material for metal sheets, especially when weight and durability are important. The flip side of these properties, though, means that aluminum can never be entirely free of scratches, blemishes etc. This is why these surface marks do not constitute grounds for customer complaints. After all, aluminum boxes are meant to be rugged items for heavy duty use and every mark tells a story. With that in mind, we hope you get the most out of your boxes!

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