Bag for sand sheets, recovery aid

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Bag for sand sheets Sand ladders, traction boards, foldable ramps or waffleboards – the range... more

Bag for sand sheets

Sand ladders, traction boards, foldable ramps or waffleboards – the range of recovery tracks for 4x4s these days is extremely specialized when it comes to different types of use, materials or surface conditions. No matter which kind of board you’re going for, though, there’s always two questions to keep in mind, whether your tracks are made from metal, synthetics or rubber: For one, where are you keeping them, before and after deployment or in seasonal storage? And two, how do you keep your vehicle clean, if you chose to transport the tracks inside the trunk or cargo hold instead of an outside mount?

Our Nakatanenga board bags will conclusively solve both issues. Whether it’s our own Maximum Traction boards, GFK Waffle Boards, aluminum sand ladders or any other product from MAXTRAX, TREDS, HEBE etc., the bag will fit any recovery board up to a maximum size of 1200 x 340 mm. With its depth of 130 mm at the sides, the bag is specifically designed for synthetic boards and their greater thickness when compared to classic metal sand ladders. However, the wide cut of the bag allows for a stack of boards of up to 180 mm in total. Inside the bag, we have sewn-in two adjustable straps with quick-release buckles to secure stacks of boards and prevent any sliding or shifting.

The fabric is made from robust 100% PU-coated nylon to ensure quick cleaning by brush or water hose. It is also machine washable at 30 Celsius. Strong seams, sturdy straps and durable zippers are, as always with our own textile products, a given. There’s also a MOLLE fleece patch to identify your kit with patches, stickers or tags.


Grey Coyote

100% PU-coated Nylon

L 1200 x W 340 x D 130 mm

The wide cut will ensure that a stack of boards of up to 180 mm in total will fit inside the bag.

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