Nakatanenga Sand Plate Heavy Duty

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  • NASB-HD150
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Nakatanenga Sand Plate Heavy Duty A sand plate is a tool used to recover stuck vehicles. Sand... more

Nakatanenga Sand Plate Heavy Duty

A sand plate is a tool used to recover stuck vehicles. Sand plates are also called air landing plates.

Professional sand plates are used wherever heavy vehicles sink into soft ground. They are an important aid when driving in impassable terrain, especially sandy deserts or muddy areas, to free sunken vehicles again or to drive over obstacles.
The plates are also used as a base for jacks - by distributing the force over a larger area.
Originally, they were also used to fix runways for small aircraft. Even heavy 4x4s, off-road or trucks can use them to bridge mud, snow, sand or around ditches.

For vehicle recovery, the drive wheels are dug free in the desired direction of travel and the individual sand plates are rammed under the wheels as horizontally as possible.
After successful recovery and finding a safe location, colour-coding and / or tying with a rope makes it easier to recover the sand plates that have been thrown to the rear.
On longer dune or mud stretches, the rope connection is particularly useful, as otherwise there is a risk of the vehicle sinking again during the recovery stop or when starting up afterwards.

Info: In contrast to the standard version, the Heavy Duty sand plates have a welded-on doubling in the middle.

You can find holders for sand plates here.

Material thickness: 4 millimetres
Version: Standard or Heavy Duty
Material: aluminium
Width: 44 cm
Hole diameter: 6 cm
Price per piece

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