Spikes (Ø 9mm) for winter tyres

Spikes (Ø 9mm) for winter tyres

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Studs (Ø 9mm) for winter tyres If you have already planned a holiday abroad and regularly... more

Studs (Ø 9mm) for winter tyres

If you have already planned a holiday abroad and regularly travel through snow, forest, rain or cold areas, these tyre studs are the perfect travel companions.  The studs can be fitted not only to tyres with existing stud holes, but also to other winter tyres. This is because the studs, thanks to their worm-shaped screw thread, can be easily attached and removed with the appropriate mounting tool and a standard cordless screwdriver, without leaving large visible tyre studs. You can decide for yourself how many spikes to put in the tyre and increase or decrease the number at any time afterwards if necessary. A spike can be conveniently removed from the anchorage and screwed back in later.

Note: Tyre spikes are prohibited in Germany. Minimum tire tread: 9.5 mm

Mounting steps:
1. position the head of the spike with the appropriate mounting tool.
2. place the thread of the stud on the surface of the tyre
3. push down & screw in with a cordless screwdriver while turning slowly
4. screw in the spike only until the head touches the tyre surface.
5. if the spike is unintentionally screwed in too far, leave it as it is - do not unscrew it again to try to get it into the correct position
6. check the spikes every 1000km & correct if necessary
7. with the help of the mounting tool and a cordless screwdriver the spikes can be grasped & removed

Technical data:
Dimensions (Ø x length): 9.0 x 15.2 mm
Penetration depth: 12.0 mm
Spike diameter: 2.6 mm

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