PUNDMUNN hot water boiler THERMAIR 6 and 9 liters

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↪️️ 6l and 9l hot water boiler ✔️ suitable for Autotherm 2 KW ✔️ 230 V power connection ✔️ according to drinking water standard ✔️ best quality
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Hot water - Always and everywhere At home, you have warm water coming out of your taps, just... more

Hot water - Always and everywhere

At home, you have warm water coming out of your taps, just like that. That’s why armchair travelers never really appreciate what a precious commodity that is. But if you spend enough time on the road or in nature – be it in a camper van, on a boat, in a food truck or a market stall – you will know what a truly great thing water is when it flows clean and warm wherever and whenever you need it.

If you already have a diesel heater installed in your vehicle, boat or trailer – by AUTOTERM or an equivalent – you can easily upgrade to a warm water system. Pundmann have designed their mobile water heaters, the 6-liter Therm 6AIR and the 9 liter Therm 9AIR, specifically for AUTOTERM diesel heaters. Accordingly, installation is completely hassle-free. If you have a 230V power outlet available, you can run the water heater with the inbuilt 500W heating element. Whenever there is no electricity nearby, simply let your Autoterm (or equivalent) do the job of heating your water. It will take 50 minutes for the smaller 6-liter tank and 60 minutes for the larger tank. Operating pressure is at 1.5 bar/21.75 psi with a security valve limiting pressure to 2.2 bar/31.9 psi.

Dimensions of 200 x 228 x 360 (6 l) or 200 x 228 x 520 (9 l) mm, respectively, make the tanks small enough to fit even in tight spaces. Mounting plates, adapters, pipes, mixing taps and other accessories can be found here.

Last but not least, the tanks are made from stainless steel and meet food safety standards

The article is suitable for any parking heater (gasoline, diesel, gas) from 2kw.

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