small independent mobile heating system

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↪️ air heater is mounted in a sturdy aluminum box ✔️ WITHOUT battery ✔️ fuel type: diesel ✔️ 5.4 l fuel tank ✔️ best quality ✔️ fast shipping
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Small independent mobile heating system  This is the small successor to our independent... more

Small independent mobile heating system 

This is the small successor to our independent mobile heating system. This variant is ideal for traveling. The big advantage is the reduced weight and the smaller size by dispensing with a built-in battery.

As well as the large heater, this is again a problem solver for cold feet. Make sure that your camper, bus or rooftop tent has a comfortable temperature. Hot air enters the room to be heated via a highly flexible and water-resistant hot air pipe. This can be purchased separately according to individual needs or in the desired length here in our shop.

The low-cost, high-performance Planar 2D12 air heater is mounted in a sturdy aluminium box.

The auxiliary heating is controlled by a digital control with timer. Temperature, ventilation and power are configurable and also the start of operation can be set to specific days of the week and times. The scope of delivery also includes two 1-channel remote controls with which you can switch the Planar 2D12 parking heater on and off via radio remote control.

✔ Alu-Box Pro (29 liters) waterproof / dustproof according to IP54 standard
✔ Planar 2D diesel / air heater
✔ fuel tank (5.4 liters)
✔ 1-channel remote control
✔ Hot air pipe connection, check valve, outlet and inlet feedthrough
radio remote control included
✔ The openings for supply air, exhaust air and electricity are splash-proof (can be closed with screw cap or rubber plug)


Dimensions of the aluminium box: WxHxD 390x340x290mm
Dimensions of the box with neck: WxHxD 490x340x290
Total weight: 11.2 kg

Technical data of the auxiliary heater:

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Heating power: max. 1,8kW, min. 0,8kW
  • Volume of heated air: max. 75m³ / h, min. 34m³ / h
  • Fuel consumption during operation: max. 0.24 l / h, min. 0.1 l / h
  • Power consumption during operation: max. 29W, min. 10W
  • Manual start / stop
  • Connection to a car battery or other 12V battery

The AUTOTERM Luft 2D (Planar 2D) is equipped with a height kit!
This means that the heater automatically reduces the injection quantity according to the ambient air pressure. This reduces or prevents sooting of the combustion chamber when the atmospheric oxygen content drops. The max. Heating power drops in proportion to the amount of oxygen in the air. Roughly one can say: From 2000 meters the loss of power per 500m height is approx. 5%. Manufacturer tests up to 3440m were no problem. No difficulties are to be expected up to 4000m. The software itself calculates up to 5000m - however, this has not yet been tested in real height.

Please note for the variants without battery:
Most portable power stations or battery boxes (such as Goal Zero, Eco Flow, Bluetti, etc.) are unfortunately not suitable for the operation of mobile parking heaters.
The heater needs up to 15A for start-up and shutdown, but only a few battery boxes can do this.
You can find suitable battery boxes for the operation of the mobile parking heater here.
Generally, however, the direct connection to the battery terminals is the best solution.

Attention: For health and safety reasons, the mobile air heating box must be outdoors during operation. The hot air enters the room to be heated via a highly flexible warm air tube. The mobile heating must not be operated in closed rooms, as even an outgoing exhaust pipe can be damaged.

And another special note about aluminium: Although, as with all our products, we take the utmost care in storage and shipping, our aluminum boxes can always have the smallest scratches, stains, dents or other minimal surface features. Since the material aluminum is ultimately a natural product, these traces are material-related and therefore not a reason for complaint. In addition, aluminum boxes are indeed intended as robust commodities. They develop like everything that is actively used, an individual patina and every trace of use tells a story. So have fun!

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