Voltmeter with capacitance display, installation

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LED voltmeter for voltage and capacity in percent Wherever engines, machinery or appliances... more

LED voltmeter for voltage and capacity in percent

Wherever engines, machinery or appliances depend on battery power, a voltmeter showing remaining capacity is almost indispensable. After all, you simply don’t want your battery suddenly dying on you. This little digital volt meter with its big LED display for voltage and capacity percentage can be used with all batteries between 5 and 48 V. Due to its small size of only Ø 37 mm a mounting depth of 17 mm it is guaranteed to fit anywhere. The bright red LED dial can be read easily even when it’s dark or when the unit is built in deeply in your vehicle, boat or caravan etc. A single big touch button switches the device not only on and off but also serves to toggle through the functions voltage display and capacity in percent. This voltmeter is watertight and protected from reverse polarity.

We are now using this voltmeter in our battery boxes.


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