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Our 60 mm flexible air ducts for Diesel heaters are the perfect solution to transport heat and... more

Our 60 mm flexible air ducts for Diesel heaters are the perfect solution to transport heat and coziness from A to B. B being one of our roof tents, of course, a cabin in the mountains or any other space that requires off-grid heating. The hot air hoses can be cut to any length but due to the nature of the hose, the cut can fray or cause injury or damage. Our Silicon adapter piece adds a neat and safe finish to the cut and offers a quick, secure and airtight connection to another piece of ducting, pipe or junction.

The adapter is the perfect finishing touch for our hot air ducts. You could do without, but it’s definitely better using one. First of all, it’s safer for people, equipment or cars, because the cuts no longer expose the wiring inside the material. Thereby, the risk of stinging yourself on the wire, scratching the car or tearing fabrics is removed. Next, it’s also very practical. One end of the adapter can be attached semi-permanently to a hose with one of the included cable ties, the other can then be quickly and securely connected to an extension or a junction etc when you need it. It is quickly fastened by a ratchet hose clamp, which is also included. Without the clamp, the silicon adapter forms a perfect and aesthetically pleasing end piece, widening the duct’s diameter by a mere 5 mm. Who wants to look at fraying ducting anyway?

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